Saturday, April 26, 2008

Da' Day of Chor Dee'ing

22nd of April, after we finished our IT society meeting on that day, we proceed to Moli Cafe,near MMU, because Ryan Justin wanted to makan. Together with Jeya, Siang Ying, and Ryan, we arrived at Moli Cafe and had our snacks and drinks there, relaxing. Then we suggested to play Big2(Chor Dai Dee). At first we planned to play a while, because Siang Ying wanted to study Resource Management with Ryan, but after that,everyone play until addicted and don't want to leave. Hong Siong and Relina arrived later and had their drinks, Relina was feeling unwell. We proceed Chor Dee until the cafe waiter asked us to leave... -_-" swt.

1 of Moli Cafe's Snack~

Hong Siong fetched us home after our dinner at Moli Cafe, and then Yap Peng Swee called us,he said he wanna discuss project about his web base with Ryan. Then they discussed their project at my home, with Chang Chern arriving later on. After finish discussing the project, we decided to go to McD Ayer Keroh for our supper and also to study our Ethical Hacking lab test, so does Siang Ying's Resource Management.

When we arrived there, Yap gave us a voucher to claim extra meals. After taking our food on the table, we started to Chor Dee again lol. We managed to finish our meal and Chor Dee until 5.30am in the morning.

We keep on saying last few rounds... last.. last... but in the end, we continued to chor... hahaha.. Ryan is so addicted, until he is the last person to say continue 1 last round. But we rejected him. I think our group make a lot of noise in McD but we didnt seemed to care. :P

Chor Dai Dee... all addicts.. -_-|||

We caught Ryan said 2 vulgar words on that day... 1 is "tulan" and another 1 is "ma de"

hahaha... very rare to see Ryan scolding vulgar words ! ;-)

After that we got back home, tired, and sleep !



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