Friday, June 16, 2006

it's been months....

After cny until now... i didnt updated my blog... hekekeke

jUne now tho @@~

as u can see, many things happened in my life

  1. First of all, becoz after cny i'm having a very busy semester... a last semester full with projects, assignments... exams.... tutorials... and etcs..
  2. 2nd, im playing ran until no time to study lolz, god bless, i've passed all my subjects, even the hardest ones.... FYP and SE, pass !!! haha, thanx a lot ms. Julie for not failing our poor project...
  3. dota... dota dota.... training my v6 atm
  4. and im busy in finding jobs for industrial training, lepak-ing, and saving $$$ for world cup betting :P

Currently im having industrial training tho, hehe, working with dgct, which also having partnership with microsoft and time system. The position i got is a facilitator tho... together with my friends, anna, shahfareena, hawa, harman, mitchel...

my working time is like in a week, which has 2 courses.... and 1 courses requires 2 days to finnish em. so my job is like monday-thursday work... 8.30am till 4pm... sometimes need to go office if they needed me.

my job? basically to assist and help the teachers in their usage of laptops, projectors, printers, and their basic needs in courseware to teach/guide their students.

my job also requires lot'sa travelling, my first week was malacca and 2nd week also malacca, but actually my 2nd week, my supervisor needed me to go senawang, but i was attending relative's wedding, so i missed the van to senawang, so i was stationed in malacca.

heres some pics when i was in malacca hehe~

1) Guiding teacher

2) Me and sharman posing

3) Me and my trainer Mr. Rasid

4) Assisting teacher with style~


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