Wednesday, January 25, 2006

coming CNY 2006 shopping spree~

Errr as i said, i will be busy nowadays to update my blog, and now since i am addicted to RAN (more infos at, i am now even more busier, and also i am preparing for my FYP templates atm... thanx a lot to hong siong and puki ne ne yap peng swee for helping out to setup the site.

And Moy Chuan Fatt is very action nowadays, maybe after teman him go shopping he terus lansi me already... grrrr

So now proceed to my cny shopping, heres a few pics i've taken.

bergaya leh? ^^

snapped for fun~

Moy after shopping in midvalley, terus show his belakang to me already nowadays..lansi

Here is some pictures i've taken when i teman my buddy seth wei and kok seng to brothers warehouse in pee jay.... to buy cd player...

As usual, i am noob in gadgets... so... u know i know.. >,<

And below is the banana split pics taken during dinner with kelvin loh @ irisnubbeh =P
damn, too bad we didnt snapped pics we're eating to 2gether....
portugese grill fish rocks~

with malaysia flag LOL

And i've hunted down this nike shoe... nice leh?? =P


More to come...... =P


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