Thursday, January 05, 2006

What a day to start your morning....

Well..... it all started when... i promised ah chong to yum char on yesterday's night. Around 12.30am he came and pick me up, to MITC minum teh. I was hungry that time and feel like whacking up any foods to fill up my empty stomach. But today yum char, 1 person is missing, and that person is Jane..... so i asked why... Ah Hang and Belinda told me that they're gonna talk about ghost stories. ( Smart Jane.. haha)

Reached MITC, went down and ordered drinks and having my so called brunchnerper (Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner+Supper).
We started to crack jokes... and again... to be precise... IT'S AGAIN, we're watching those lamer indian MTV at MITC. Wanted to complained them, to change the darn channel to astro or watsoever thats better than listening to bollywood stuff. (Haha, not racism.. but too bored already.. watched for 2 days.. same CD... knn ccb..)

Then after our dinner... having full stomach, there, we begin our ghost stories. Ah Chong told us lot'sa stories, i shared some of mine, so does Ah Chong. Belinda is shivering all the time when listening to our serious faces. After ghost stories, we decided to go back. It's like 4am already.

Before the incident occurs....

Belinda and Ah Hang and me, complained cannot sleep.... after listening to those scary stuff... so we decided to have a joy ride, touring around malacca.

We visited lot'sa places, even went to watch some Ah Quah, but too bad today their business too good, non of them standing on roadside, so we decided to go back home.

After that Ah Hang cracked a stupid joke, but it really happened..... he said "let's pass by the ghost house that's haunted, and perhaps we might have our car engine down"

But of course... we didnt visit that place, but our car is suddenly down just in front of malacca central, walao... imagine that time around 5am, and after listening to ghost stories... damn GG wei.

Luckily, in god's will, the car managed to start and we continued our journey home.
Darn joke sometimes really happens... so moral for the day, don't play with ghost stories. Hahaha.. :P

Car down, picture 1. & 2. & 3. checking and park the car.
Picture 4, walking back home sadly :(

Parked our car at Ah Chong's house,then proceed to Belinda's house. There we watched some TVB drama, and Ah Hang took his motorcycle fetching 3 person back home.

What a morningmare....


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