Friday, August 29, 2008

Finally updated my blog yet again...

Reason why i can't update my blog earlier. And I'm gonna update it all in one post. Friends who bitched about my blog didn't update.... COME LA VIEW MY UPDATED BLOG, SKED IZZIT?

Both picture clearly showed that i injured my right hand, went for medical treatment(tabib cina). lols.

Imagine u can't do shit in 5 days with your right hand, sucks badly ! No dotA, attending classes can't take notes, going lab classes can't use PC, with funny lecturer keep asking me to rest my hand. duh....

After that me and my fellow kerazee friends had durian fever at my house.

Durians, duku langsat, and rambutans :D

Celis, our model for the opening ceremony of Durian Fest, initiates the launch of Durian Night 2008.

Everyone starts to eat and fooling around. -_-zzz

  1. Me in wannabe acting in "COME LA, SKED IZZIT !!!??" durian fight.
  2. Yap acting as god of DURIAN gambler, eat durian only, dun wan chocs... LMFAO
  3. This chibet Reuben, eat rambutan also get horny, licking it like.. ehem u know wat...
  4. Law in love with Reuben's style of rambutan eating. Licking ftw !

After finish raping the fruits... ;)

Then i went back to kl, to meet with my fellow friends and also being my neighbour since childhood :)

Left to right: Ah Seng, Seth Wei, me and Daniel.

Grew up with them since childhood times..., lot'sa happy, crazy, and sad memories shared.This are the buddies that will never separate and help without hestitating. Seth Wei is going to Taiwan soon, keep lansi me that he will find "Ping Nan Mei".. -_-zzz
All the best to you man !

Dinner at JOGOYA, Starhill, in KL with Ryan and Sying.

Sying posing at JOGOYA, she ate until her stomach bloated. GG

Ryan Justin acting cute yet again. Can u imagine why is he holding 2 coconut? o.0

Handsome me as usual posing, what style also leng ! ;)

Last but not least, this is a funny picture i got from someone's blog. Please Malaysia goverment don't block ISP from people viewing my blog like what you did on Malaysia Today's site. IMBA Goverment. Source from thestar.

Sigh afterall BN is getting weaker and even the people are losing faith in them. Aliluya Malaysia.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Today was the very first time i have a "real" conversation with my boss. Guess what..The first thing that he asked me was "What is your age?" Haha..Kinda surprise that suddenly he walked to my seat and asked me this kind of question...

This afternoon, i went to my client's company. The client was not satisfy with my previous work. He commented a lot on the document that i had done. I was kinda sad and disappointed when i heard this news. I had been busy and working hard on the document for one month..and yet this is what i get. I need to edit several parts again and i don't really know it will take me how long to finish it. I really wanna do something that is different with my current task. I don't want to waste my entire training period doing the same thing over and over again..It's just a pathetic life i have got.. :(


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Accident in MMU(malacca) car park

Another freaking day, around 1pm after finished my class, i went with Eugene to get his car and went for lunch at Jia Jia Restaurant duck rice.

Then after having our lunch, we proceed back to MMU. Then we saw this.. accident occured.

It was sooo omg after watching how this SLK grounded.

Picture below tells everything.

*From far*

*From front view*

Drivers nowadays... really zzzz.

Lesson of the day, concentrate and be careful while u are driving or park your car.
Look at that innocent Hyundai Elantra, getting hit.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Makan-makan and shopping with Ryan Justin & Ryan's Sister



Friday: Went back to KL, when arrived near puduraya, there is protesters protesting around. I called my mum and told her what happened. She asked me to go home quickly, to avoid the mess. Then around 5pm i went to fetch her back from her work. We went to pack up our stuff, and then proceed to eat the famous crab at Old Klang Road. We ordered 1 kilo of salted egg crab + rice. The crab is awesome, but it took both of us almost 2 hour to finish the meal. -_-"

Tasty Chicken Soup

Posing with Ryan Gheytin

Sying posing xD

Saturday: Me and her went to Sungei Wang and Berjaya Time Square to shop around. Suddenly Ryan Justin called and said he wanna find us. After met with him, we went to makan at Uncle Duck's Restaurant in Time Square. The steamboat there kinda okay, but abit lil` for us three... since 1 Ryan can eat 2 portion of food already. After makan, we went to shop around until 5-6pm. We decided to watch "Journey to the Center of the Earth" at midvalley. We last minute booked via our mobile phone, and managed to get three tickets. Then we went to MV. There, we had our teatime at ZEN cafe, which is under Secret Recipe. We had the yummy "Green Tea" and "Orange" cake. :) *Highly recomended by Ryan*

Then we proceed to watch our movie. It was hillarious & exciting movie. Not bad but it's only 1 and half hour.

Then we went to Old Klang Road's Station 1 cafe to had our relax time playing cards and drink.

Sunday: After wakey, me and her went up to Taman OUG's hilltop to have the famous Ah Loy Asam Laksa as our breakfast around 12pm. Then after that we went to Sunway Pyramid to shop around. Then Ryan Justin called, he invited us to join him and his sister to shop in Pyramid as well. Me and her at first planned to play ice-skating, but in the end plan cancelled. When Ryan's sister arrived, we proceed to TGIF to had our lunch. Tham jiak Ryan as usual ordered a FAT tenderloin steak.(Rm40++) for that steak, which he didnt finnish it. Always waste food one :P

We ordered some snacks for ourself as we were full after the breakfast we ate earlier tho.

*smilling happily watching his steak served*

Then we proceed to shop around and parted in the end of the day.

p/s: Some picture havent get from Ryan Justin, will update soon.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Visiting Malacca's jonker walk + planned to celebrate Alvin Kee's bday, but kena FFK. sigh..

Another typical Saturday, i planned for an outing with my fellow friends. Also because tomorrow is my friend's birthday(Alvin Kee Check Kwang). At first i planned to watch movie, but then canceled. Then i was called by Yap Peng Swee. Then we both decided to go out with Celis, Reuben, Hong Siong, and Law. We went out to jonker then. We visited and walk around jonker and had our dinner there. We tried our best to call that so called "won't" FFK again Alvin Kee. But alas... he FFK us again by giving us excuse that his mum dont allow him to go out. sigh. Not the first time already.

At jonker we ate the so-called famous Asam laksa and durian cendol.
I've forgotten what's the shop name already. But it was the corner shop on the left side. And also we need to queue at entrance to get our foods. The advertising and Banting on the shop showed that a lot of famous artist, model like Amber Chia... and even our Chief Minister Ali Rustam also went there to eat.

But all this are promotions only... we went queue up, the service of that shop really sucks. My friend Celis got scolded because the person in front ordered wrongly, and that auntie thought it was Celis that made the wrong order. And after that we pick our order. The auntie is rude. She's like rushing and also saying a lot stuffs sold out. I ordered myself a bowl of Asam Laksa then.

After that i picked my food and proceed to our table. The asam laksa is just "ok". Why people said it was one of the best im not sure. Maybe fellow malaccans havent tried out penang asam laksa yet?
To my horrid, the asam laksa's fish is Tuna Fish! Duh... common'... asam laksa is famous for it's smelly-ness...(busuk)... of course put sardine fish mar !

Somemore penang's asam laksa is full of onions... it makes the asam laksa extra hot and smelly :P

Aiyo... dunno la.. maybe malaccan's taste different then kl ppl like me @_@
After that i tried my durian cendol. Another blunder. Guess how the durian cendol is made? At first i thought they will put some durian meat inside the cendol. But alas i founded out that they just add "durian dodol" into the normal cendol and just serve us like that. If that makes their cendol famous, i might as well buy a packet of indian cendol at street side and add "Tam Kim Hock's" durian dodol.. it will taste better... -_-

  • 1) Hong Siong cam whoring around
  • 2) Reuben tham jiak and Yap cam whoring
  • 3) The so called famous but blunder Durian Cendol
  • 4) The so called famous Asam Laksa without Sardine Fish

Try these and you will be un-satisfy.

After we finished our dinner, we proceed to walk jonker and pass by a stall where they sell sushi. We played "Chor dai dee" there while waiting for our super duper slow sushi to arrive.

We again tried to sms Alvin Kee to come out... but he is still stubborn, dun wan to come out.. so we dont care about him already.

After our sushi we went to McDonald in Dataran Pahlawan to watch the Euro Match. Holland versus Russia. My favorite team Holland lost to Russia in extra time 3-1 :(

McDonald has this promotion for Euro 2008 events, whichever team that scores a goal, we will get a FREE medium size "Fries Card". Not bad after all, because each of us get 4 cards.(total score 3-1).

It was a good match, both Holland and Russia is attacking. We went back after that match.

Yummy fries ;)

The fries card we collected.