Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th.... gud day or bad day? *Speechless*

Aye, time to update my g0su blog.
Started of today with an alarm clock ringing at 8am in the morning, drooling around and sitting in front of my monitor for 2 hours, coz i tot yap promised to call me around 9am. ( i think he forgotten abt me =( )
Wanted to go library myself, and founded out i am farking lazy.
So decided to DotA 1 round in bs3 :P
After 1 game, i decided to go for another game, and my last game was like around 11.45am, i got the sense that i can't continue this shit else i am gonna GG'ed my finals examination paper tomorrow.
So i proceed to nudge my buddy LoY, ask her go library, she also agreed to go, then she called Kelly, then around 12.30pm, she came and fetch me to go to public library.

Reached there, then i started to study gila babi untill 2.30pm(around there, not sure hehe...), went to makan lunch at nearly malay stalls, just beside the public library.
After gobblings the foods. We chatted like 30 mins, talking about scouts and school band's stuff.
Then we proceed back to public library. Errr..... then i go to toilet, and i entered the wrong toilet!
Lucky nobody was inside, the farking toilet sign in public library sucks 2 de' max. It's true. The farking logo is not either for male or female wei, and the "lelaki" wording is so fucking small....

At first i thought it was "Gents left Ladies right", in terms of Lam Choh Lui Yao(Canto).... so paiseh... maybe becoz of Friday da 13th! :p

Then proceed back to study, i founded out a g0su book for my subjects tomorrow, Leadership for Dummies! zomgwtflol >:Þ

And the library's rule kinda sucky. I'll explain why:-

1) No kids below 12 is allowed to enter (But librarians bringing in their kids FFS !!!)
2) HP's are required to switch off, and no HP talking (Means no silent mode for emergency calls? wtf????)
3) Librarians are making more noises then ppl studying inside like me, poor me :(
4) Noises of drilling is LOUD, GG wei.....

After 6pm, the library closed and then Loy fetched me back home, 10q and arigato yeah!

6.30pm, puki ne ne yap fetched me to makan the famous bukit beruang's nasi lemak kukus. Yummy ^^;;

8pm, back to own MMU's library, ahhhh the feelings is much more better, its soooo empty and i can concentrate my studies!

The reason y it's empty, coz almost everyone finnished their examinations. The leftover are in there.... like me.... :(

Studied until 10pm, puki ne ne yap cannot tahan, wan to go home ady. So we all go back.... and decided to gather at library again tomolo morning 9am to study gila babi again.. haha, gambate to all in exams tomorrow hehe !
Btw, 12 chapters for tomorrow, and i only finnished 3 chapters... GG wei... haha

g0sukish signs out~

1) Kelly Chen studying, instead of going to concert to perform, she studies in library !!!!

2) Loy, the camera shy gal, using notes to cover her face...

3) Me, the g0su in everything, again concentrating to the max on notes.

Gents toilet logo, damn GG wei.....

Leadership for dummies! :P


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