Monday, January 09, 2006

FYP meeting, then rain gila babi, then i fall sick = GG

Today is another *$^&%*))($& day for me...
Early morning overslept...... late to meeting.... + raining heavily in da morning, but i still force myself to get wet walking to campus. This is my x1 getting WET.

Then during meeting, everything goes fine, ms julie guided and adviced us a lot and she also asked us to plan our project wisely.

After meeting for about 1 hour, then we proceed to go makan at EP. Yap dun wan go, coz he said wan to study gila babi.

So me and hong siong go makan with vinci. WAlk there, drenched in rain again, i got wet for x2 time. After makan, vinci pulak wan to go home zzZZzzZZzz, later only come library.

Then me and hong siong proceed to library, guess what, its still RAINING. Wet myself for 3rd time

After study gila babi for 2 hours, then yap say hungry, we teman him go EP eat the infamous steven @ siu keong's nasi ayam. Rain again~!
Got wet myself for 4th time.....

After habis bantai his nasi ayam and i also finnish my hot milo kosong, RAIN is still pouring heavily. Fucking rain ! This time we waited till the rain getting lighter, only we walk back to campus's library.

Study gila babi in library till 4.30pm, i felt a bit dizzy... maybe becoz of rain + not enuff sleep.
So i decided to go back and have a rest. Rain pouring outside again.... i forced myself to walk in rain and wet myself for the 5th time... GRRRRR~!!!

Reached home, took a cold shower, proceed to rest a while.
Then hong siong came as he promised, we go makan dinner 2gether at Lee Wah. But tak sangka, already fucking 8.30pm, still RAINING WEI.

Needless to say.... wet myself again for 6th time, for fucking dinner..

And now i am officially Fever + Flu + Backache + Headache + Cold + Dizzy

1. Ms Julie giving advice, standing is Hong Siong, sitting far right is vinci, and sitting 2nd from right is Yap.
2. Yap paying gila babi concentration on Ms Julie's advice, Vinci blur blur listening.
3. Ms Julie starting to get emo with our diagrams, tak faham langsung haha....
4. Overall, Ms Julie satisfied ady with our efforts, she asked us to edit somemore to suite our FYP title.

1. Me posing a pic of pissed of face in front of library... due to rain.
2. The sky..... my god... i was wishing and thinking, when will the sky stop crying....
3. Me... getting snapped from the back, like god of gamble haha.... but wafak, its raining still, in front of me is Hong Siong..... WET WET WET DAY...

And now i am currently chatting with Ah Loy, Kodak, Yap and also puki ne ne Hikari on MSN.
Sick................... why me????? thanx a lot for Loy's caring luvs advice ^^;;, go boil hot water now haha~! :p

Btw, just designed a banner for mmorpg internet cafe, everyone, plz comment abt my design, ur advice is much appreciated :D

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