Thursday, April 17, 2008

The day after (Mystique 08`) MMU prom night *part 2*

Okay, here is the where I'm gonna post the pictures that I've taken on that nite~! =)

two icey swan at entrance.. beautiful :)

The menu on the table, courtesy of Kenny Sia's blog. :)

The stage background...

Our great emcee for the nite ^_^
*Thumbs up*

Kenny Sia and Renee looked like a perfect couple for that night :D

Nominees for the female best dressing award *drools*

Our Datuk and Datin of the night lols

JC and Yap

Jeya Ganesh and Hui Xian

Hong Siong and Relina hugging tigggght :D

Tai Kor Reuben and his darling Celis

Gary with his Gaya p0sing

This... let me introduce... the guy here, is our beloved IT society president Ryan Justin
or so called "Minuman Jus Ber-tin"
He is rumoured to be *ahem.. ahem..ghey*

Drooling during the night ;)~

the Gang p0sing on the starcase... fuhh...

The guys bow and the girls raise their hand for the guys... nice? lols

Below here is a video on stage where both of our emcee are dancing lols.. taken from rishi's blog.... enjoy~

Thats all i've got... there's where "A fairytale ending" ends~!




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