Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The day after (Mystique 08`) MMU prom night *part 1*

Well, it was an ok prom night, if u give me the ratings... out of 10, i would give around 6.
Had some fun tho, but i used a lot of money.. now almost pokai ady.

Total spending on prom can be listed here:-

blazer + pants : rm300
tickets : rm98 x 2 (for my prom date partner as well)
set up hair in starbizz and makeup : rm20

*and etcs with me and my prom date which totaled up around rm650++

As u can see, for this kind of value, me and my prom date was expecting a grand prom night, with great service, entertainment, and having lot'sa fun in photo snapping and more.

But in the end, we arrived at the entrance, what i was shocked to see that, everyone need to queue up to get into the ballroom, it reminds me of queuing up for bus or during 2ndary period lols. But it's still ok, after me and my date partner went inside, we met up with my friends, all the guys wearing smart, elegant and the girls are wearing their night gown which is so grand and beautiful.

Then after that the so called "security guards" hired from rela keep pushing us and ask us to sit down and don't allow us to snap picture. What the heck? it's our prom ok, why we get the feeling of getting controlled for snapping our pictures with friends? Their reason is, saying the event starting soon, so i sit down calmly and wait for the event to start. Eventually the vip didnt arrive yet until 20min or so. This 20min i can take the 10 min taking more picture with my friends ... sigh

The MC for the night was great, Stephanie Chai and Soo Kui Jen, and our guest of the night, Kenny Sia ( really entertained us alot. The mc had lot's of joke with us and their speech was great. One part where the starting of the event, 2 dancer finished their latin dance or something, Kenny Sia ran to the upper staircase of the stage and bow to them 3 times, i was really shocked to see that :)

But the event for best dresses award was kinda horibble, many ppl complained that the best male dress award shouldn't go to that guy with bow tie. There are more ppl wearing cloths like tuxedo, which is more smart and elegant, didn't get voted. So unfair. For the female winner part, it was great, her gown was sponsored by starbizz. She just looked nice for the prom queen award.

Then the voting begins for our prom king and queen of the night. Oh gosh, i thought the voting could be done on the spot! It was disappointing some people just voted their classmate before the day of the prom night! how ridiculous. How could u all vote prom king and queen of the night when the voting selection was done even before the day of prom! sigh....
There are so many friends that i wanted to vote which has better performance quality and dress for that night.

The 2 band was great, pop shuvit and estranged. *if i spelled wrongly pls remind me*

But, too many jamming in this prom, where is the part where there is romantic song released, or maybe a piano + violin session where participants can bring their partner out and dance in a relaxing way???? The girls are wearing high heels... how can u keep jamming and rocking, as if the event is clubbing event? if really i would pay the rm190 to open a bottle of wine in pure bar or something... sigh..

Lucky i had my friends around playing and fooling around, where Ryan Justin, our IT society president was so crazy for that night, first time for me to see him... soooo crazy haha.

At the end of the day, everyone was tired, leg muscle is pain, and we went to the opposite of hotel to had our supper, where the famous staff for half boil egg + roti bakar :D

Below is some of the pictures i took with the artist... i will upload more photo's soon, so stay tuned~!



  • Date partner photos please..!! Wanna see whos the lucky girl :-)

    By Blogger Unknown, at 6:30 pm, April 16, 2008  

  • swt sei kelv

    ka ka cau cau, wait my 2nd edition lar xD~

    By Blogger Philip Chan, at 10:02 pm, April 16, 2008  

  • Haha... Yeah... We want more photos..!!! Where are the photos of some *hot chicks* that you spotted during the night!? Ehem.. ehem... Send to my private mail pls... Of course I promise it will be between us only (/gg). Say i'm crazy some more... -__-|||

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:32 am, April 17, 2008  

  • ryan justin u very hamsap la.. comment also wanna ask me for hot chicks picture... zzz

    u memang crazy for that nite :P

    By Blogger Philip Chan, at 1:45 am, April 17, 2008  

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