Monday, April 21, 2008

Recruitment for IT Society Committees 08-09


IT Society MMU Malacca is highly exuberant to announce that we would be recruiting newly fresh and talented individuals to join our exciting big family.

FYI, IT Society is one of the Faculty based society in MMU Malacca with close collaboration and partnership with industries, such as Microsoft, SUN, and IBM. Some of our graduated senior committees have been currently working in Microsoft, DELL, IBM, Shell Singapore, and so on.

In line with our continuous drive towards excellence and expansion program, we seek suitably qualified candidates to fill the following positions for the coming term 2008/2009:

i) President (Req: only open to FIST students)
ii) Vice President I
iii) Vice President II
iv) Secretary
v) Asst. Secretary
vi) Treasurer
vii) Head of Event Division
viii) Head of Academic, Project, and Research (APR) Division
ix) Web Developer
x) Creative Artist
xi) E-Sport SIG Evangelist (Req: Must be a Gamer or have deep passion in gaming)
xii) Hardware SIG Evangelist
xiii) Software SIG Evangelist
xiv) .NET SIG Director / Microsoft Student Ambassador
xv) General Committee

What can you expect from us?

i) Cool place to hang out, new friends (we DO NOT believe the sayings, "birds with same color flock together", as we're open to people from different races, ethnics group, and so on)

ii) Opportunity to organize an event in MMU Malacca. FYI, we organize the only IT Fair in MMU Malacca annually, and we're also one of the organizers for MMU Prom Night (Mystique 2008), collaborating with FBL Society and EngSoc

iii) Environment to learn new things, share your knowledge, or become 'gurus' through our Special Interest Group (SIG)

iv) Movie outings, 'Yamcha-ing', 'Mamak-ing' or McD outings together with other committees and members

v) Facility (our IT Society Lab)

What do we expect from you?

Easy going and friendly person who loves to have fun!, yet at the same time, is highly responsible, committed, and willing to give 100% to society. Experience is not that matter, except for certain top post.

Interested applicants, please submit the attached application form to before 25 April, 2008, as the interview session will be scheduled afterwards. The successful candidates will be put into trial period for 1 semester (i.e. next semester) before officially elected.

Thank you and have a nice day.


IT Society,
Multimedia University,
Melaka Campus.

Application Form download: Click here



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