Sunday, May 18, 2008

Amazing Race MMU Season 1: MBO Malacca->Karaoke at Jetty Malacca ->Pavilion KL ->Midvalley ->The Curve Damansara ->Genting Highland ->back to Malacca

We'll by looking at my post title, u will know about our destination :P

It actually started of when yap decided to go to KLIA to eat Burger King's "Double Whooper". In the end it ended out that we travelled so far.. LOLz

Here's the agenda:-

Friday, 16th of May 2008

  • Singing Karaoke at night (Jetty, Malacca).
  • Makan at McD and discuss plan about tomorrow's journey.

Saturday, 17th of May 2008

  • Gathered in front of Emerald Park, Bukit Beruang at 9.30am, started our journey at 10am.
  • Arrived at Kuala Lumpur, stucked in traffic jam but we managed to proceed to our first location which is Pavillion, KL
  • Took our lunch in KL. Ate at a stall roadside. Expensive tho.
  • Proceed back to Pavillion, walk around and also queue up for J.Co's Donut. Bought a dozen of donuts there,Yummy :)
  • Went to have our teatime at "ichiban boshi" restaurant in Pavillion.
  • Proceeded to shop around Pavillion and then go to Midvalley, KL.
  • Journey to Midvalley wasn't easy. Traffic jam and wrong turn caused disaster. :(
  • Ended up in Midvalley, wasted our time shopping around, had our meals and donuts in the food court there. Introduced Ryan the famous portugese grill there. lols
  • Went to Pet's Wonderland.
  • Went to arcade and had a few games, especially photo hunt.
  • Wanted to go for pool and bowling but the price is crazy. 1 game for bowling is RM8.00, and 1 hour for pool is RM20.
  • After shopping and walking around Midvalley & The Gardens, we stop by Carls' Jr to had our dinner. Yummy big and juicy burgers ! :)
  • After our dinner, we rushed and proceeded to "The Curve, Damansara" for some photo snapping and also relaxing at the pubs.
  • After that, we decided to go up to Genting Highlands lols.

Sunday, 18th May 2008

  • Went to casino, too bad Law got caught for underage, just a few months.
  • Eat at a noodle bar, dunno wat's the name already. "Only mee" ?
  • Walk around genting, and we all slept in our car.
  • Woke up around 9am and then proceed for our breakfast, at the taxi stand beside Old Town Kopitiam in front of Theme Park Hotel.
  • I went to starbucks to had my coffee and reading newspaper to waste my time off, whist the others went to Archery, Rock Climbing, and Fying Coaster at Outdoor Theme Park.
  • Weather is cloudy and looked like gonna rain soon, so we decided to go back asap.
  • Arrived back to Malacca, everyone seems tired, me myself slept until the next day only wake up. LOLz

Some pictures here, adios ! *pictures mainly from Me, Yap, Law & Hong Siong's Camera.

Lastly..... there's always picture of the day/trip right?
We all agreed and voted this picture ~ hehes

Look at how happy and estatic he is, posing with his "ning ku bao @ xiao loong bao" xD~



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