Monday, February 06, 2006

After CNY.....Officially SICK

Yeah..... no pics to post abt my CNY, altho very happening.... going cafes, betting/gamble, being drunk, ate lot'sa dried meat (Yuk Kon in Canto), drink a lot canned drinks and smelled a lot'sa 2nd hand smoke... release fireworks illegally.... went to many places to pai lin. Thus now on monday, 6th of Feb, uni starts again..... go class when other frens still celebrating CNY in genting... BAH

And now i am really Officially SICK~!

  • Flu
  • Dizzy(Blur blur)
  • Sore Throat
  • Eye balls RED... no idea why >:o
  • Light Fever

So if any of frens catch me around, dun ask me why i looked sick, cuz i am REALY SICK LOL! =P

And CNY gambling lost rm200+.... dem GG

Also my parent keep asking me to remember come back eat chap goh meh at uncle's house..... on chor 15 (Chinese Calender 15th day after CNY).

Ahhhhhh another CNY is over.... WHY SO FASTTTTTT... ?????

I wan moreeee holidays! =(

Howabout u guys/girls CNY?

Comments plz ^^;;

IF any fren who's married plz kindly inform me to get ang pao from u ya? buahaha