Saturday, July 12, 2008

Makan-makan and shopping with Ryan Justin & Ryan's Sister



Friday: Went back to KL, when arrived near puduraya, there is protesters protesting around. I called my mum and told her what happened. She asked me to go home quickly, to avoid the mess. Then around 5pm i went to fetch her back from her work. We went to pack up our stuff, and then proceed to eat the famous crab at Old Klang Road. We ordered 1 kilo of salted egg crab + rice. The crab is awesome, but it took both of us almost 2 hour to finish the meal. -_-"

Tasty Chicken Soup

Posing with Ryan Gheytin

Sying posing xD

Saturday: Me and her went to Sungei Wang and Berjaya Time Square to shop around. Suddenly Ryan Justin called and said he wanna find us. After met with him, we went to makan at Uncle Duck's Restaurant in Time Square. The steamboat there kinda okay, but abit lil` for us three... since 1 Ryan can eat 2 portion of food already. After makan, we went to shop around until 5-6pm. We decided to watch "Journey to the Center of the Earth" at midvalley. We last minute booked via our mobile phone, and managed to get three tickets. Then we went to MV. There, we had our teatime at ZEN cafe, which is under Secret Recipe. We had the yummy "Green Tea" and "Orange" cake. :) *Highly recomended by Ryan*

Then we proceed to watch our movie. It was hillarious & exciting movie. Not bad but it's only 1 and half hour.

Then we went to Old Klang Road's Station 1 cafe to had our relax time playing cards and drink.

Sunday: After wakey, me and her went up to Taman OUG's hilltop to have the famous Ah Loy Asam Laksa as our breakfast around 12pm. Then after that we went to Sunway Pyramid to shop around. Then Ryan Justin called, he invited us to join him and his sister to shop in Pyramid as well. Me and her at first planned to play ice-skating, but in the end plan cancelled. When Ryan's sister arrived, we proceed to TGIF to had our lunch. Tham jiak Ryan as usual ordered a FAT tenderloin steak.(Rm40++) for that steak, which he didnt finnish it. Always waste food one :P

We ordered some snacks for ourself as we were full after the breakfast we ate earlier tho.

*smilling happily watching his steak served*

Then we proceed to shop around and parted in the end of the day.

p/s: Some picture havent get from Ryan Justin, will update soon.



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