Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Gathering with my fellow friends.

After my final examination, my mood straightaway dashed with hangouts and i also went for gatherings with my fellow mates in kl, also some old utopian friends/mates. (

The gathering was actually led by Soryo aka Chee Ming, as he called us out by using facebook. It's on 31st of May, a few of my utopian friends already married lols. Some migrated as well.

Around a total of 20+ people attended the gathering at 1 Utama's Italianese.

As I could remembered, the time was actually when i'm in form 1.I was introduced to play utopia by my classmates, and slowly i ended up meeting up cool people that lives around my area. Utopia is a worldwide web based game by the way. Forgotten who i've met first, but slowly and slowly i met people like Renyi@Ace, b|ue@wenwey, hikari@kok kong, iris@kelvin, soryo@chee ming, and lots more...
During that period i was only able to use 56k Modem, and whenever war, new age, dragon, province kill via peasant killing and etcs, i was addicted to it badly. Even during exam period i still rush back for utopia login lols. All of my friends are still available in mIRC, utonet server, channel #my =)

Pictures for the gathering can be seen at here tho ->

Before the gathering i went to 1 Utama earlier to have a movie with Sying, but i was lucky on that day, i met Star Wars's troopers while shopping around. Had a photo with them. Then i asked "where is your boss???". They asked me who, i told them "of course Darth Vader!" and they pointed out where is their boss location in the mall. Then i founded him and managed to snap a picture with him. Darth Vader was too busy, or else i will ask him which button should i press on his chest to call his parent come and pick him home lols.

Then i went to cinema to queue up, buying movie ticket. We watched Prom Night that day. I wonder why GSC rated that movie top 3 of the week. It sucks badly. I rather borrow a DVD from my friend to watch this yucky movie. The trailer was good tho. Darn cheaters.

While waiting for our movie to start, i saw the first season winner of Malaysian Dream Girl, Cindy Tey. At first i wasnt sure it was her, i went to ask her, and she replied with a smile. Had a picture with her too. =)

After the movie and utopia gathering, i proceed to meet my RanOnline friends in Kepong and chit chatted until the next day 4-5am. What a day... o_O

Posing with Troopers... o_O

With Darth Vader... wakaka xD~

Malaysian Dream Girls Season 1 winner...



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