Monday, July 21, 2008


Today was the very first time i have a "real" conversation with my boss. Guess what..The first thing that he asked me was "What is your age?" Haha..Kinda surprise that suddenly he walked to my seat and asked me this kind of question...

This afternoon, i went to my client's company. The client was not satisfy with my previous work. He commented a lot on the document that i had done. I was kinda sad and disappointed when i heard this news. I had been busy and working hard on the document for one month..and yet this is what i get. I need to edit several parts again and i don't really know it will take me how long to finish it. I really wanna do something that is different with my current task. I don't want to waste my entire training period doing the same thing over and over again..It's just a pathetic life i have got.. :(



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